natalija weddings_n”Daiva did my wedding makeup. It was important to me not to have too heavy makeup and be ‘naturally’ beautiful. That was amazing experience as it was done in highly proffesional way and just the way I wanted. Makeup stayed spot on all day!”






foto1”It has been now years since I know Daiva. From the professional relationship we managed to develop a strong friendship, that started once with my 16th birthday makeup. Since then she is always there for my big days: birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, dates :), photoshoots, graduation day and of course – my wedding. It is always must to have her as my make up artist as she is not just a great, creative, experienced, awards winner professional, but as well the person whom you trust, who makes you laugh, puts you in total relaxation during the procedures and of course – emphasises your beauty.”





”I am so thrilled that you was available to come to our wedding in Holland to do my make up – you are so talented and lovely!

Enjoyed every moment spending together! Thank you thank you!!!
Eva N.”