This deep tissue sculptural massage is an anti-gravity method designed to lift the face, strengthen your muscles and reduce unnecessary sagging of the skin.

The Yoga Facial works with the 3 sculptural lines of the face:
1. Sculptural jaw line (lifts sagging cheeks, aligns the chin area, achieves straight lines).
2. Sculptural cheekbone lines (lifts facial contours, highlights and accentuates the cheekbones for more defined cheekbones).
3. Sculptural eyebrow lines (helps to combat the signs of sagging eyelids)

The methods key to success lies in its simultaneous focus on two different phases: sculptural & deep tissue. This approach corrects the posture of the face, helping it to “flourish” and embrace its beauty, resulting in the face developing a healthy colour and elastic skin without wrinkles.

The sculptural phase:
During the sculptural phase, the muscles of the face are manipulated from above, and during the deep tissue phase, this is done from the within through the oral cavity.
Result: Shortly after the first procedure the clients face should feel lifted, all face muscles are stimulated, increased lymphatic flow and the 3 sculptural lines will be properly adjusted.

The Deep tissue phase:

Technique: The muscles around the mouth are massaged through the oral cavity from one of its attachment points to the other, this means it becomes possible to capture the muscle region and stretch them from both sides.
Result: The muscles should feel relaxed, and the client will see an improvement in the muscle tone.

Combining these techniques leads to an effective non-surgical facelift and more importantly it’s a natural process.

This technique is aimed to connect the client to his/her face with their psycho emotional state as well as eliminate blockages, stress and anxiety.

Our everyday can worries affect the appearance of our face & skin. This exclusive method will do its best to help you not only look younger and more beautiful, but will also help you get rid of unnecessary stress and ultimately make you feel more tranquil!


1 hour

1.5 hour with masque


Facial massage is recommended every week for best results.


Β£120 without masque

Β£150 with masque


Course of 6 treatments Β£750 with masque!