Wedding Services

Daiva Beauty House in the centre of London, Mayfair, offers brides -to-be professional bridal hair and makeup for their big day. We work with brides both before their wedding and on their wedding day with our various packages. Our team is able to help you prepare weeks in advance for your big day! When you arrive at our salon, we will take excellent care of you to make sure your time with us goes without a hitch!

It is unlikely that you will ever have so many photographs taken of you – unless you are famous or a model! It is, therefore, totally understandable that you may be a bit stressed out about looking your best all day. We believe that the best way to combat this stress, in fact, is to come to our Salon in central London, Mayfair.

Our hair stylists will initially discuss with you what your vision is for your wedding and will provide you with a free consultation and arrange a practice session to make sure you (and your party if you wish) are 100% happy with your hairstyles! Our professional makeup artist, who has three National Makeup Artist Awards, worked in film, TV and on magazine shoots will talk with you and discover what look you want for the day and provide you with a look that suits your hairstyle, dress and more importantly, your skin type using just highest quality makeup and skin care.

We offer pre-wedding packages for both brides and grooms (after all you want your partner to look as good as you!), as well as wedding day packages for both. Our Hen Pamper Evening is also very popular, with a choice of treatments. Our pre-wedding packages include the deep hydration facials.

Call us to book a free consultation or pop in and have a chat about your big day.

The most important thing is that the hair stylist knows what your headdress is like, if you’re wearing one. We always recommend that a bride-to-be visits our hair stylists first to chat about her choice so that they buy something appropriate for their hair type.

A manicure is so important and OPI gel polish does not chip, is shiny and looks natural. It is great for people ladies who are not fans of the acrylic look but want their nails to look their very best. Having normal polish applied the day or two before runs the risk of them being chipped by the morning and having a manicure on the morning of your wedding day is time consuming!